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Where to Promote Your Site and Your Content

Promoting a website has become a dynamic topic. Internet marketing is a constant work and it involves promoting your website, putting up links, and being active on social media. During the past 8 years, a lot of things have happened with regards to search, and has affected website promotion. Nowadays, promoting websites requires research, timing, and focus on a target audience. It is important to stay relevant and timely with informative articles. The author should also strive to be an authority on the topic, as well as an influencer with your followers. The aim is to create content which are interesting and shareable.

One of the strongest and most influential link is when an article is posted or linked from an EDU link. It also happens to be the hardest thing to do. Here are some tips when creating and promoting your site and content.

  • Promote on Relevant Online Communities and Groups

Blogging communities have been around for quite some time and they have a huge following. Look for communities that are relevant to what you are doing that can share your submitted content. These forums and groups have a lot of traffic that you can utilize by subscribing and being part of their niche. Once you are in, do not go act impulsively and start spamming members, this could get you in heaps of trouble. Begin making notable contributions like responses to discussions, providing valuable ideas, and being active in popular group conversations. Make sure to add a link to your blog in your signature; as your popularity grows, you can watch your traffic grow too.

  • If you have mentioned an influencer in the post, let them know

There are a lot of influential and popular bloggers out there that you can tap and get to cross-promote blogs with. Mentioning their blogs and linking their blogs with yours can result to hundreds and thousands of shares. Mention experts in your blogs and let know and have them share your content as well to get their readers to visit your site for more traffic. Develop a plan to reach out to other bloggers, influences, and experts and veer away from becoming passive. Push your articles and act instead of waiting for traffic to come in.

  • Contact bloggers who do weekly/monthly round-ups

Round ups are a weekly or monthly summary of blogs that were published. Communities, forums, and niches have these round ups and publish the most interesting ones they have read at the end of the week or at the end of the month. It will be very beneficial to get your articles out there by contacting and reaching out to these bloggers to include your post in their next round-up.

  • Later on re-purpose your post and expand your reach

The freshness of your content is very important, reportedly, it affects 35% of Google searches. As studies show that you can get at least 3 times more traffic with an average of 15 posts per month. You can always use your old post and share them in different mediums like converting them into slides or podcasts to be disseminated in different platforms. Keep updating your older posts to eliminate outdated posts and bring them forward to impact your search ranking to get more traffic.

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