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Two Important SEO Strategies you must know in 2017

Have you planned your SEO strategy for 2017?

Not Yet!

Whether you are launching a site or looking to improve your existing site, check out the two most important SEO strategies you must know in 2017. It will not only help you out to drive huge traffic but also increase your revenue.

  1. On Page SEO Strategy

First of all, perform site Audit or website SEO analysis to know the on page SEO factors of the site. Fix all the technical errors including robots.txt, broken links, proper crawling and indexing of web pages, canonical tags, etc. At the same time, optimize web pages for content and Meta tags to get high organic traffic to the site. To reduce the bounce rates, you should add internal links and optimize them for better user experience.

The most important on-page SEO strategy is keyword research and optimization for mobile devices. Keywords are the backbone of any site and should be done in an effective manner. SEO expert knows how to perform keyword research by incorporating his SEO skills and best keyword research tools. If keywords are not researched and optimized properly, you will stand nowhere in search engine result pages or SERPs.

For better results, you can hire an SEO and Link building expert in Dhule to perform all these tasks and help you in achieving the desired goals.

  1. Link Building Strategy

SEO and link building go hands in hands for any site and in fact, links are one of the most important ranking factors considered by Google or any other search engines. If you are not building authoritative and quality links, then you are surely losing chances to come on the first page of Google.

You can build links by following three ways-

  1. Social Profiles– Building links on social profiles is the best way to earn trust among your visitors. It is also a natural way of building links by sharing posts or images. Social shares help in increasing the overall ranking of your site and improve your search presence as well.
  2. Links through Content or Editorial Links– Content Link Building is gaining huge popularity in 2017. So follow the popular link building techniques through content such as guest posting, link round-ups, link baiting, relationship building by linking content to each other’s site. Sharing content in the form of infographics has high value as visual elements are preferred by people. Building links through content are considered as more authoritative and valuable by Google and other search engines.
  3. Non-Editorial Links– These links have low value to the search engines but still, some of the link building techniques can drive huge traffic and conversions to the site. These are citation building for local businesses, blog commenting, link reclamation, etc.

“Build Quality Links for site than Quantity”

An SEO expert can help you to build high-quality links and increase an online reputation of your site.


Follow the above two most important SEO strategies on your site in order to increase traffic, conversions and build an online reputation of your brand.

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