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Two most Effective Ways to Increase your SEO Traffic

Putting your thoughts into words is one thing, but getting readers and follower is the whole point. Writing it down, uploading and publishing is just the first step and there are tactics that you can employ to get more people clicking and reading your posts. When it comes to getting more readers and growing your subscription base to get the attention of your target audience you will need to make some effort in promoting your content. It does not need to be extravagant or even expensive, there are tried and tested ways to promote your site and get more clickers instead of crickets.

Here are some of the most effective ways to increase your SEO, comments, likes, subscribers, and traffic:

  1. Post on Currently trending topics that would interest readers

The most important rule of all is making sure you write something that is relevant and eye catching. It is not just about the sheer volume of the articles you write, you also have to make sure you write something worth reading. There are a lot of trending topics to write about and you can even start with a resource article; Studies show that you can get up to 100,000 views per day for publishing resource articles. You also write about How-To articles and guides like The Ultimate Shopify Review Guide; aim for your article to be the first and last post your readers will read on the subject. Do not forget to improve your headlines and titles, they are the first ones that should catch a reader’s attention. Keep it short, sweet, interesting, and informative.

  1. Social Media promotions – FB, Twitter etc

Signing up on social media is not enough; platforms are designed differently and you have to sit down and take the time to strategize on key social networks. Constantly send updates and keep your articles circulating one social media, you can also link articles to old ones by adding a link at the bottom of the new article that leads to the old one. Research shows that the optimal frequency in posting on Facebook is two times a day, three times on Twitter, and five times for Google+ and Pinterest. Do not forget to add a social media share button on your post to make it easier for readers to share your content on to their profile multiplying your visibility exponentially.

It is not a stretch to say that an intermediate goal to increasing traffic is to create shareable, informational media with the aim of going viral. Content goes viral when social media picks up on it, and the sharing snowballs to other accounts and social media sites. Cross posting and sharing only happens when the material captures the imagination.

Going to social media to promote content and traffic is considered as one of the most effective ways to produce organic growth. It’s a practice that has been adapted all over the world and along with effective linking, is one of the legitimate ways to grow a site and improve ranking. It takes skill and experience however, to pull off effectively.

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