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Some Must Know SEO trends for 2017

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the digital game which can place you ahead of your competitors. If you want to accomplish this supremacy in the digital world, you would need awareness about current SEO trends and the ever changing nature of the optimization process. Change is SEO industry’s best friend. To make a difference, you must know about these changes.

Data Mark Up Structure

If you explore top SEO strategies or talk to an SEO expert, you would come to know about Crawler friendliness. This is an important Google ranking factor. If you want to show up in Google search result, you cannot ignore this. So, now the question is how can you exploit the power data mark up for your own benefit?

You can use data mark up to define different things in your website. You can define the properties of your website using the data markup as well. This one comes to effect when Google index the websites. Google gets the information about your website from data markup. If you don’t use markup, Google will use any text from your website. The text might or might not be relevant to the product you are selling. Therefore, be particular about the data structure. If possible talk to an expert for better understanding.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the era of smartphones, you simply need to use this tool if you want to drag traffic to your website. This is a protocol which helps mobiles download your website without wasting any time. Slight changes on your website structure can help your website load a lot faster than normal. Also, the proper use of this tool uses less data while downloading. There is another advantage of using AMP. Google favors websites that use AMP.

Use Dense Content

Gone are the days when the writers used all the fluffs possible to add length to a piece of content. The time has come when the writers are using most of the information in a small space. This is because people are getting tired of lengthy contents. If you want traffic and if you want to make them come back for more of what you are offering, you need to use dense content. This is one of the most popular SEO trends which you can use.

Personal Branding

Any SEO expert will have a field day if you give them a personal brand for optimization. With a personal brand you would have an easier time to draw people’s attention. One important thing you need to understand is –people like stories. With a personal brand you have the space to present your stories. You can tell the world the back-story of your brand. The optimization experts use these stories for the advantage of the website.

Using User Experience

User experience is too important to SEO. Google likes websites that are properly structured. Websites that are properly structured for different devices are preferred by the search engine. In 2017, the emphasis would be on User’s experience. Therefore, you need to pay attention to it. Your website needs to behave properly for the mobile users.

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