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SEO Campaign failing – 4 aspects you must know

You have decided to do it yourself SEO natural work – SEO – because the rates of external providers are too expensive. You are right if there is no return on investment. Doing your own SEO allows you to save money, that’s for sure. But if your SEO work does not work, if you fail, you will also lose your time … but also money.

Here are 4 reasons why your SEO campaign is a failure. For each reason a solution is proposed to you.

1. SEO: Immediate Results?

For ages you have ignored what natural SEO meant and what it could bring you. From the moment you knew that it was to increase the qualified traffic of your blog you probably had the head full of dreams. You may have thought that your little new blog could quickly position itself on the front page of search engines for a series of ultra-competitive keywords.

You were aiming at the stars, but you did not even reach the moon. One reason for this failure is that “your eyes were bigger than your stomach,” you overestimated yourself. Long before you there were already people. Each year, competitors in your industry define a substantial budget and a solid strategy to achieve their objectives. These old web people were there long before you, but you mistakenly believed that your blog of a few weeks could overtake them in a few weeks or even days of work.

2. No progressive approach

Imagine the SEO as a 13-story building. To reach the apartment on the top floor there are those who take the elevator, others the stairs. One must be intelligent, but also cunning as a fox. Knowledge of SEO is important, but it is not enough, it must be practiced.

Imagine the SEO as a 13-story building. To reach the apartment on the top floor there are those who take the elevator – keyword purchases via advertising agencies – it’s fast, and if the keywords are unimportant, they have the ability to type To other doors to find the right one; Others climb the stairs because they do not have the possibility to take the elevator – the reasons belong to them. They know that the way to the 13th floor will be long, tiring, they will run out of steam, but their efforts will pay off if their keyword strategy is excellent.

To start the natural SEO of your new blog get you first towards uncompetitive keywords. Then with time, you will progress towards more competitive keywords. Everything in its time. SEO is a continuous improvement of your blog for search engines, but also for users.

3. Stimulating keywords

The Google Penguin filter – or algorithm update – has generated a wave of penalties since the end of April 2012, maybe some sites are affected by the barbecue effect – this May counted in Effect of long weekends. According to seo expert, one reason for the sites affected by this penalty lies in the optimization of the anchors of external links.

Make groups of keywords to vary your keywords. This practice is not a novelty. Today, from a branding perspective, you should not hesitate to include your brand name in your anchors. And choose the right sources! The do follow you are looking for may turn against you.

4. No coherence

Stay consistent; do not change keyword strategy every month. The frequent change of strategy will only lead to immobilize. You have to spend a lot of time defining a solid strategy; it’s done at the beginning. You will then have to broaden your strategy by creating new content, regular link reinforcements and a few other changes on page.

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