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Why Link building is Important? Ways to do it!

The link building has taken a bit of lead in the wing in recent months as Google which has begun to severely punish certain techniques. It is therefore high time to take a look at the various existing and safe methods that will allow you to  create quality backlinks , in order to  strengthen your SEO  What should be known is that the following techniques should be used in moderation (yes, like alcohol). Quality always prevails over quantity, especially in SEO! Edu scholarship link pages represent the scholarship page that is created by you. These links can be availed from various sources and helps to prosper your business.


There are still effective directories, with high Page Rank, that can bring you some relevant back links. Be sure to carefully select the sites on which you are registering. If possible, choose them in your theme, to further target your SEO and make Google more fun.


Use sparingly and especially rigorously! Press release sites may allow you to have some extra links. However, as for directories, one has to pay attention to the selected platforms and especially to put a single text. This remains a complementary technique, but its impact is rather limited.


Obviously, it is not necessary to make the link exchange at all costs, without looking at the quality of the site, nor it’s positioning. The best thing is that the process is natural and that you exchange your links with blogs you like and follow. It is the guarantee of having exchanges made according to the rules of art and not to be punished by the evil Penguin of Google.


You now get to the heart of the matter with a method that works on several levels: comments on blogs with the same theme as yours. Not only is it a great way to recover qualitative backlinks, but also to get to know and develop its network. If you take the trouble to put constructive remarks, then you will inevitably get noticed by the author and readers. On the other hand, relevant comment is a must! If you are finding anything related to education, .edu websites are very easily available. You can go .edu/comments and add your write up and provide link to your website to gain some traffic.


You should always participate to .edu which is related to your field of activity of course! Participating in forums, exchanging with other professionals or amateurs of your sector and above all affixing its signature to each message remains an effective method for obtaining quality links. Moreover, all like blog comments, you can expand your network, make your site known and thus get more clicks. This mix of practices will help you get back in the results


There is no more natural than the links between link baiting. This “link fishing” technique guarantees you a high quality search engine because the backlinks are 100% voluntary. They are not directly from you, but come from Internet users who really appreciate your content and share it with pleasure without asking for anything in return.  This method requires time and investment because it requires you to know and develop your relationships on the internet. It will be possible and thanks to the techniques mentioned above: comments on blogs and participation in forums. However, this technique is only possible if you have a relevant content marketing strategy and offer high value-added content. Think also about micro-content (computer graphics, brief, quotes), contests or surveys to obtain a viral effect and thus receive multiple links natural returns. SEO expert dhule are professional who help you in link building professionally.

  1. Guest Blogging

No, the guest-blogging is not dead and can still be very useful to the blogger, as to the guest! If you know-how to value, then think of this method that allows you to forget solid partnerships with other blogs in your sector and make you known to a new readership. In addition, your host will give you one or two back links of your choice, always useful for your SEO. Finally, the guest-blogging can reinforce your link baiting: users who discover your blog may spontaneously share your articles.


These offer you the possibility to share your latest articles, free of charge, and to share with their visitors. Many of them receive a large number of Internet users each day who use them to keep watch (this is the principle). You can submit your last tickets and increase your number of visits, while getting backlinks.

Many schools have made life easier for the local business by creating separate and unique pages to reflect their facilities, faculty, students and other important aspect. You can look at the potentials pages and get information. You also can find the live linkages to your local business.

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