Key traits of an effective PPC manager

In digital marketing we find people who are dedicated to SEO, others to copywriter, social media, designers and PPC Managers, just to name a few. Each of these profiles requires certain skills to make a dent in the market and stand out as a professional. Linkedin annually publishes a list of the professions that are most required by talent recruiters within this social network. The SEO / SEM marketing professionals are among the top 10 most sought after, ranked at the 9th overall level.

According to a study by the firm, online advertising will grow to 197 thousand 480 million and for the first time will surpass the pattern in television in the United States this 2017.As we see it is a marketing area where better trained professionals are needed who are able to carry out campaigns with technical requirements, creative and that guarantee optimal results. For this to be possible they must meet certain characteristics that allow them to do an exceptional job and manage to excel as specialists in PPC Marketing.

  1. The power of words

If you plan to be a digital ninja, it is important to have writing skills, to be able to create ads that stand out and attract attention. A PPC Manager Expert has the ability to write texts and action calls sufficiently persuasive to convert those visits to the landing in leads or actual sales. Most advertisers neglect the copies and layout of their landing page which has negative effect on the result of the campaigns.

  1. Web Design – Create powerful landing page

And tell me that now we must also be designers with all the work involved in managing an account. You can rest easy, you do not have to make the landing in a 100%, but if possible work on defining what type of landing the client needs and the users who visit it, what the organization of its contents and the flow of the Step by step, to bring visitors to the ultimate goal.

  1. Technical Skills – Know the tricks and secrets of your tool kit

Having basic technical knowledge about html and CSS is not enough, at least the structure of these layout languages, in order to make minor adjustments to landing pages, but especially to be able to implement tracking scripts. With this you gain a lot of time and flexibility by not always depending on a developer to get you out of these technical difficulties.

According to a SEO expert, they have an insatiable curiosity about the use of the main platforms that are part of their day to day work. So if you’re interested in being an expert SEM you cannot take an eye off and know every trick and secret to Google AdWords, Facebook Ads that at the moment are the platforms that has the market. Some tools have a number of options that are constantly being updated so it is normal and even advisable to focus on learning to handle with credit one of the advertising platforms and mid-level Analytics.

  1. Create a plan of action

Before launching any type of campaign you need a measurement plan in which the current status of customer and your competitors, so you understand what opportunities the customer has in the market. Knowing if you are on the right track devotes sufficient time to define the KPIs and objectives of the project, does not allow the trees not to leave the forest focuses on the metrics and data that really add value. Develop the ability to determine what tactics you need for each of the strategies you have in mind to implement.

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