How to achieve success with SEO and Content Marketing

Do you produce texts and content for your site? Do you know the best practices for optimizing the reach and ranking of this material within search engine results pages? To help you find out if you’re doing a good job or you want to start creating quality content right away, we’ve listed below some of the top SEO techniques to improve your writing. Look!

Top SEO techniques to improve your texts

Negrite keywords

One of the best known techniques, however, often overlooked by those who produce content focused on improving SEO strategies is the simple act of negriting keywords. For example: The key word of this post is “SEO techniques “, notice that during the text you will find more of our keyword in bold.

Doing this shows you the robots of the Google algorithm (or any other search engine) which are exactly the most important parts and words of that text.
Whenever you finalize your texts, it can be in the text editor or even the publishing platform, use this feature to improve the placement of that content.

Use links

According to an SEO expert, the use of hyperlinks within the text is one of the main characteristics of text for web. And more: it can be said that it is one of the biggest utilities that the internet presented for the modernity. After all, you can navigate within various complementary contents with one click!

It is beneficial to your user, is well-regarded by the search engine algorithm and also generates more traffic and engagement for your website. So use the links feature whenever there is already published content that relates to your text.

Put the main information at the beginning

One of several SEO techniques is to put the main information at the beginning of the text. This can help algorithms rank their content not only by keywords, but also by the similarity between phrases and other words.

That is, if your keyword is “digital marketing” it is only worth putting at the beginning similar expressions like “mkt digital”, “online marketing”, among others.

Abuse of other formats to pass information

The algorithms of the search engines understand that the more complete and informative, the better the text and the more satisfied the user will be. Therefore, abuse other resources like audios, photos, videos and images in general.

Obviously, some of them do not have such a great technical appeal when we talk about ranking, but they will retain the user longer within your page and increase the quality and engagement index of the page.

Stimulate readers’ comments

Among SEO services, one way of increasing engagement is by encouraging readers to comment and interact with the content.

Use persuasion and writing techniques so the reader is motivated to share links on social networks.

Use the keywords in the right measure

Repeating the same keyword many times over a text may have the reverse effect of what is expected. In addition to plugging the reading algorithm robots do not see this as a good practice. So before you publish your text review it with the help of tools available on the internet for this purpose!

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Name the images

Naming all the images and files with the keywords you are working on is one more of the SEO techniques. These features can also attract visitors to your content.

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