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9 bad links to avoid at any cost right now!

As an SEO expert, you know how much backlinks are important for your website. And there are several myths you may found on the internet regarding link building. Getting too many links can be penalized by Google or having bad links can worse SEO, etc. 

Your motive is only to boost the SEO of the website, therefore, you need to aware of bad links that simply worsen your SEO, right? So, in this post, we would share with you some bad links that mostly penalized by Google and how you can avoid it. 

Let us get started!

  • Forum links

Shocking? But don’t worry. Not all forums create bad links to your website. There are a few which you need to avoid. Forum discussion is one of a crucial part of SEO by SEO expert Dhule. But as an expert you need to check, the link is coming from the quality or authorized site. Here you need to make sure you are using the best discussion platform from which the link is not spammy. 

Generally, the foreign site forums create spammy links that you need to discontinue. The fact is, any link which looks spammy you should avoid. 

  • Press-release links

You may know that press-release links were quite popular to boost link building for the site. And these were east to get. In this, you needed to write a good paper and distribute it into 100+ different press sites. With this, you quickly got links that help to rank a site. But nowadays, this scheme is not getting attention from Google. 

Google taking this Press Release as easy to get or spammy. If you are doing this same, please avoid it now especially from your Anchor text and main Keywords. If you want to do, so you can use the naked URL or one URL link into a press release.

  • Blog’s Network

Adding links to a private blog network is one of the best ways to get high links and rankings on Google. With these, you can easily enjoy the greatest value to your site. But with time, the use of Blog’s network is enough. Hence, this reduces the organic traffic of the number of sites. Even Google can detect random blog’s networks and penalized them. So the point is you need to avoid much use of PBN’s.

  • Social Bookmark links

Recently, the Social bookmark link also considered spammy. If you are doing this enough, please avoid it. Just think, Google knows everything and you can’t fool him. 

If you need to make your rankings better with high SEO, you need to avoid much use of these links.

  • Directory submission

Directory sharing is one of the good ways to get the best links to your site. Even numbers of sites offer premium plans to feature your website in minimum dollars. However, this can be worthy. 

But submitting your website to low-quality directories can affect your website bad than good. Well, there is no doubt to say as SEO, you have some expectation to get. But putting your efforts in the wrong way can only trouble you. 

On the other hand, getting links from genuine directories naturally boost your website SEO and offer good returns. 

  • Comments on another blog

To boost local SEO, commenting on another website was a successful method to index your website in Google. But, recently it is found that it is useless. 

The truth is you will get no-follow links (spammy). And you need to prevent all spammy comments on your website too. However, it is a good option as well, but only if you do comments on the best site like .edu, .com. 

  • Link Building schemes

While doing SEO you may be stuck into several tools that offer you link building services at a low price. And they were working and offer maximum benefits to the sites. 

Recently, they are getting less approach from Google. The numbers of SEO experts advised avoiding this SEO tactic. 

  • Foreign Guestbook links

The links from Foreign Guestbook are also known as manipulative that penalized by Google. It is because these are paid and enough use drop site rank.

  • Link from paid services

It is also an abusive tactic for SEO. If any company offering you 1000+ links at a low price, so please think would they good? Investigate all things and use the best ways to get links.

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