7 Tips to select good and perfect domain

A few years ago, publicizing and promoting your products or services depended on the size of your budget for advertising and marketing. Today, thanks to blogs, individuals, small businesses and large multinationals have the ability to reach thousands of people for very little money. But on the web there are hundreds, thousands, millions of blogs or websites. How can you make yours stand out among others? The first step is to find a name and a domain that will identify and make it unique.

There are many theories about what is right and wrong when it comes to choosing a domain, there are even some successful websites that ignore the basic rules.

  1. Make it unique

Domain name is an important part of your Bidentity, so make sure it is as unique as this one. The first thing to do is to consider the urls that are available and choose your name accordingly. Be creative. Find out who else is using that name you want or something similar. You must be just as original and innovative as when you chose the name of your brand or products. Of course do not choose a domain that looks like your competitor or one that is the singular or plural of a domain that is already in use, in that case you will be losing traffic and sales by confusing your customers.

  1. Easy to say, spell and remember

If you have trouble pronouncing the domain or have to spell it for others to understand, something has done wrong.  If it is short and simple, it is much better.  According to SEO Expert, the more letters and words make up your domain, the greater the chance that someone will be wrong to write or forget it. Also make sure that your domain name matches your business type so that it is easy to remember.

  1. Consider using your name/company’ name

We also recommend that you register your own name as a domain, even if you still have no plans to use it, why? If your blog is a showcase to sell your services and you hope to become influential, using your own name as your domain is a good idea.

  1. Use tools to get ideas

There are a lot of tools available to choose a domain name. With tools like these you can assess what is your perfect domain, see if the one you like the most is available and also get new ideas when you lack inspiration.

  1. Avoid Rare Terms

If you’re trying to attract a broad audience, avoid using specific terms from a niche market, let someone from outside not be familiar with them.

  1. Make sure you do not infringe the copyright

Do not use phrases of a trademark or that have copyright for your domain. Before you register go to pages like http://www.copyright.gov/records/ and check it out, it’s worth wasting a few minutes. Even Google has just had problems with its recent name change (alphabet) and the domain owned by BMW.

  1. Use a keyword

In the past, having at least one of the keywords in your domain name was of utmost importance, however, due to the Google EMD update, it is already an outdated rule. Having said that, it is still a good idea to include in your domain a relevant keyword that allows visitors who come to your blog for the first time to get a global idea of ​​what you offer.

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