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5 Strategies you must Implement for SEO Results

SEO trends have changed drastically in the last few years. If you are not following effective SEO strategies then, you are losing chances to appear higher in SERPs.

Here are the five strategies you must follow and implement to get better SEO results for your business.

  1. Site Loading Time

Optimize the speed of your site in order to increase the user experience and reduce bounce rates. Check the speed of your site on Google Page Speed test and optimize it to load at a faster rate on mobile, desktop and tablet devices. For better results, you can create AMPs or accelerated mobile pages for loading your content faster on the mobile devices. So contact the SEO expert in Dhule to optimize your site to load at a faster rate.

  1. Mobile First Indexing

It is important to optimize your site as Google introduced mobile first indexing. According to this update, Google will give first preference to the mobile version of sites in search engine result pages. If you don’t have the mobile version of your site then you are losing chances to rank higher in SERPs. Focus on improving the mobile search intent and mobile user experience or UX in order to turn your visitors into buyers.

  1. User Experience

User Experience and SEO go hand in hand during optimization of your site. Minimize the technical errors and customer experience in order to enhance user experience. In order to retain the visitors, you should consult an SEO expert in Dhule who will optimize the site for all the factors of usability including proper navigation, speed, fixing technical errors, etc.

  1. Proper keywords

Keywords are the backbone of SEO and for other digital marketing activities including PPC, social media and content. So select the proper keywords in order to drive huge traffic to the site and convert them into sales. It is recommended to target one keyword for a post or a page and not too many variations in order to get rank it higher in SERPs. For better results, use long tail or local keywords to get the first-page ranking.

  1. Build Quality Backlinks

Links are considered as a vote for your site and one of ranking factors of Google. Link building will increase the authority of your site and organic rankings in search results. But remember to build quality links instead of quantity. In 2017, link earning techniques will be more effective than traditional link building including link baiting, link round-ups, link building through relationship building rather than buying and exchanging.

Some old link building techniques are still popular such as citation building and guest posting. So focus on building the links in order to develop authority and credibility and earn the trust of your visitors.


Now that you have learned these five effective strategies. Follow them in your SEO practices or ask an SEO expert in Dhule to optimize your site for these five strategies and increase your online presence and performance. This will not only drive huge traffic but also convert your visitors into buyers and boost the sales in 2017.

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