5 Secrets: How to use SEO techniques

For all those with a company with a presence on the Internet, it is likely that you have already begun to incorporate some SEO techniques in an attempt to get a good placement of your site in search engines. Even so: you need to be vigilant, you may be doing something counterproductive to your business, even without knowing it.

Many of the SEO tricks that worked before are now outdated and obsolete. And not only that, but do not have any impact, they can make you penalize Google; throw you down, and you stay further in the ranking of SEO.
1. Do not Stuff the Keyword

If you want to position your site using keywords excessively or using keywords in each of the content, ditch it. This is what is called as stuffing keyword. Also, definitely all search engines punish and penalize sites that are designed to change results to place themselves first in search engines using abusive, unfair practices that are always insisting on the same phrase or word.

  1. Avoid artificial Link building

Link building, one of the critical techniques in SEO is never easy and at the same time that can create many headaches.

Link building is a common practice in digital marketing and seeks to improve positioning through links on third-party pages that redirect to your page. But, when not done in the right manner Google identifies it as malpractice and penalizes heavily.

Years ago, search engines considered that the more links they had redirected to a particular site, the better the page was. Therefore, the landing page was awarded the best positions in the search results.

3. Avoid use of meta tags

Meta tag is a tag that sits in the source code of a web page and ascribes the content in it.

In the old days, meta tags served to inform Google which keywords were on your page, and in fact, for a long time that field was unavoidable for optimization of pages.

But today, with the update of Google algorithms, Meta tags are not so important, in fact: this practice, in addition to being outdated, has been widely used for spam and Google now penalizes it.

  1. Do not write just targeting the search engine

Thinking about search engines is not exactly a mistake, but you cannot leave your readers alone: ​​they can also aid in improvement of your position when using your content. Basically, generating irrelevant and sparse content or even creating it automatically using software or translating automatically without review cannot be accepted by google. You get penalized.

  1. Do not get stuck in your comfort zone

According to SEO, you’ll never know everything as new practices and techniques come up all the time and you need to take advantage of not to go to the end of the search engine results queue. So empower yourself constantly, implement new rules and avoid questionable actions because Google, even if you do not realize it, is everywhere watching you.

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