5 Incredibly Useful SEO Tips for Small Businesses

In this very competitive digital environment, where big companies invest heavily, the small business owner, who often has little cash flow for investments, can feel at a huge disadvantage, betting on SEO is a great opportunity to expose your brand to your audience, and the best, without the need of investments comparable to those of large companies, that is, the importance of SEO for small businessess is fundamental in the strategy to improve their online presence and get more customers. With a good SEO strategy you can rank on the first page of Google to have relevant results to your business or your brand, thus getting more visits, and consequently more sales.


You can increase visibility and drive additional attention to your brand. Through a high ranking on the result page of a search engine (google), the chance for users to notice your business when searching for specific terms is much greater. It is worth remembering that, together with the increase in ranking, the brand of your company gains more identity.


Unlike advertising paid for by AdWords, or other online advertising campaigns, SEO is based on practice techniques whose benefits are permanent and long-term (such as creating original content), which will undoubtedly strengthen the relationship with your customers and help keep your rating in the long run.


With a good job of Seo Local, it is possible for the small company to beat the competition by targeting a much more local audience. The local search is increasingly relevant and more important, for example, in this context, a client does not need to find the best dentist in Brazil, but the one closest to him.


Optimize your site, make the customer have a good experience even with mobile devices and tablets.  According SEO expert, this helps you get better conversions, meaning your website visitors are more likely to become loyal customers, subscribers, or visitors.

  • Optimize your images

Even if the search engines technically cannot know images, but you can optimize photos to appear in searches. Just ensure that the file name, title, and alternate text contain keywords that clients use when they search. Imagine that you are a digital designer and you own a blog with many images, you should include your name and all unique description to optimize each image.

Share current news

If your business already has a blog or social profiles, a good way to attract your target audience is to talk about events that are happening; as long as they are relevant to your brand, do not be controversial and generate an interest in the public, it is definitely news that you must share and talk about. Good examples are the festive events like mother’s day, national holidays, Christmas, new year’s, among others. Do not forget that the more unique your location is the news, the better. Talking about topics important to your target audience puts your brand on the map of your industry and you get a good reputation in the market.


There are no shortcuts to being on the top or getting on the first page of the search engine ranking, especially when talking about an extremely competitive market and with big competitors on the scene. But with a good SEO strategy, it is possible for small businesses to outperform their competitors, thus demonstrating the importance of SEO for small businesses.

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