SEO or the Search Engine Optimization has become a common practice in the modern marketing strategy. It is the process with which one can increase the quantity of traffic on a site through organic search results from search engines. These days, SEO is considered a basic skill which a modern marketer should possess and a good, strong knowledge about it is necessary.

If you are an SEO Beginner, it can all seem to be very intimidating. All the contrasting information available on the Internet can leave you perplexed. There are new ways always coming up with which you can build authority and surpass your competitors. While handling SEO, you need to exactly know what you are doing. There are so many factors and considerations which should be kept in mind to be successful. Such ideas can come off to be very daunting for a newcomer. It is true that nothing can transcend knowledge and experience, especially in this field, but if you have some basic goals are just getting started with a small budget; Follow this beginner’s guide for the best results. So, we have listed below the four fundamentals of SEO which every beginner should know.

Finding the right Keywords

To find the right keywords, research is indispensable. You will have to research keywords that are generally looked for by the people and have high search volume. These keywords should be supported by your website and for better results, should have low competition, that is, they should have lesser results available which will improve your chances of getting a better rank. Google’s Traffic Estimator is a wonderful tool for such kind of research.

Long Tail is a phenomenon where using more low traffic keywords collectively can increase more visitors than a few high-traffic keywords. So, taking note of some less popular keywords too, and incorporating them into your overall strategy can help you better than focusing on the ones which have massive amounts of traffic. Tools like SE Ranking Keyword Grouper or Word stream Keyword Grouper can be of great help in keyword grouping whereas maintain quality and competence. However, no device is totally reliable and it motionless takes a cautious eye and to build the groups ideal.

Content Crafting

After you’re done with finding the right keywords, you should start with crafting the content you are going to use on your website. Search engines have programs which automatically browse through a site to find out what it is about and ranks it according to the specific keywords. However, this decision can be swayed by strategically optimizing the content for particular keywords. These programs can only interpret texts and do not filter audios, videos and images. So, for the purpose of these, it is important to describe them with appropriate keywords.

While drafting content, special attention should be paid on titles, keywords, links, quality of the content and its freshness, that is, content should be updated on a regular basis. After all, you only get one chance to impress the customer.


Links can be easily called the most important aspect of SEO. Link Building strategies in Dhule, you get higher page ranks if a large number of websites are linked to your website. If reliable and trustworthy sites link to you, search engines give you more authority on that topic. Some important factors should be kept in mind while building links. These include linking to only relevant sites; avoid linking to spammy sites, etc.

It can be difficult to convince other websites to link to you. Here are some ways to increase your link count.

  • Getting on Social Media can increase visibility which not only drives a lot of traffic but also increase chances of getting linked to
  • Submitting your websites to directories which complement your content can increase your link count.
  • Try to link to the top sites which are not your competitors. Your competitors might also try to link to the same site. In this scenario, you can email to site you want to link and elaborate upon high are better than your competitors.
  • There are links which die over time. Websites with such links still have other active links. Approaching such sites can be beneficial as they can replace the dead links with your website.

Measuring your results

At last, it is very important to measure your SEO results. This can be easily done by installing Google Analytics to your website. It is free to use and provides an insight into the statistics like site traffic, the number of people visiting the site through search engines or the organic traffic. The statistics improve over time with proper efforts. And if they do not, you’ll know that something is not right. Periodic scaling should be done for proper analysis.

SEO is both an art and science. And you can ace at it by keeping yourself updated of the latest tools and techniques.

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